Pictures can become worn or damaged or even fade, rot or erode. These changes are often produced by chance – the effects of light, air, dust, dampness or just the ravages of time. By understanding the materials involved a skilled restorer can breathe life back into a picture. At the Little London Gallery, a dedicated and sympathetic restoration services is available whereby watercolours, oils, old maps, prints and more are lovingly revived and returned to their former glory.

Since the gallery was established in 1991, it has also built up a wide spread reputation for its professional and specialist picture framing service. With a mix of traditional framing methods and modern technology, beautiful frames can be created, which are almost works of art in their own right.

There is a comprehensive selection of materials to choose from, including a stock of mouldings which are hand-finished in the workshop. Glazed pictures are sealed against bugs and dust, and conservation glass and mount board are used where appropriate.

With framing to a museum standard if required, the Gallery is able to offer an innovative and bespoke service which will combine the best choice of materials with a price to suit all budgets.