Born in 1943 in Epsom, Surrey, where Viv lived until 1962 attending Glyn Grammar School. Having been punished for being poor at painting at primary school, it took nearly 40 years for Viv to engage again with the practical side of art.

During the intervening period he read for a law degree in Sheffield University andbecame interested in the Visual Arts. As President of the Students Union (1965-1966) he helped organise an Arts Festival for the University and the City. The festival comprised a full artistic programme including an exhibition of about 25 works from the then unknown Bridget Riley and large scale painted steel sculptures by Neville Boden.

As Union president he met the scluptor Henry Moore in 1966 when the University conferred an Honorary Degree on him.

His first venture into stone carving was at the Midlands Art Centre with tutor John Vaughan in the earl 1980s. He has continued to be guided by John on and off since that date. Subsequently he joined the Annual Summer School run by the sculptor, John Tonks, at Winterbourne, the listed gardens owned by Birmingham University. But work got in the way of any serious sculptural activity.

Without the constraints of work, in early 1999 he enrolled on a foundation course in art and sculpture at Dudley College and on completing various courses now hires studio facilities for stone carving from the college.

In April 2012 Viv was elected a full member of the RBSA and also serves as its Hon. Secretary.

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