Carol learnt to paint whilst living in the Far East in the 1960’s and drew influences and ideas from a number of different tutors. From her earliest days, however, she has maintained a common goal – to capture a sense of quietness and peace which will encourage the viewer to reflect on the scene. Creating representational images from a distance, the eye is enticed to approach the subject more closely and explore the techniques and atmosphere created by an emphasis on light and form. She is attracted to a variety of qualities in her subjects such as sunlight and shadow, texture and transparency as well as the play of different colours against each other.

Skilled in the use of most mediums, Carol is a regular exhibitor and tutor of watercolour painting at the gallery and also organises workshops and demonstrations to local art groups in both oils and watercolours.

An award winning Member of the Society of Women Artists and The Society of Floral Painters, Carol is a qualified teacher in Adult Education and has exhibited her work throughout the UK and overseas. Carol is also a Member of The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists as well as President of the Matlock Artists Society.