Chris Tkacz has been an artist and art educator for 34 years. He studied at Birmingham School of Art & Design in the early 70s where he gained a BA and MA in Fine Art. The strong influence of American abstract painting fused with a more romantic English landscape tradition shaped my work during these formative years.

In 2011 Chris took early retirement from his job as Head of Art and Design at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Since then he has concentrated his time as an artist and begun to break into the art society world of workshops and demonstrations. Throughout his career as an art educator Chris has always believed that the creative journey is probably one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences we can have. It becomes a life-long trail of personal fulfilment and gives unprecedented access to ideas and visual perception.

Chris is available for workshops and demonstrations and happy to travel. He has developed expertise in many media and techniques often combining printmaking and painting as well as having a strong understanding of perspective, formal drawing and painting techniques. Creative exploration and technical control would form the basis of my workshops and demonstrations together with contextual and art historical connections.


Chris is a friendly, extrovert character, relaxed and confident to deliver workshops, talks, critiques and demonstrations to all ages and ability levels. His workshops and demonstrations would concentrate on both formal and expressive aspects of picture making. Techniques include oil painting, egg tempura and drawing media. Shape – Colour – Form – Line – Composition – Perspective, are the building blocks for aspiring artists to develop personal and individual responses and expression in their work.

If you are interested in tuition, a workshop or demonstration please contact the Gallery;

Nightingale House, Church Street, Holloway, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 5AY

01629 534825

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