Andrew K M Matheson., DA., RBSA. Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, graduate, RBSA member with work in public and private collections. Member Midlands Potters Association and Birmingham Art Circle. Works mainly in stoneware and porcelain reduction fired to 1280’c. Set up current workshop in Lichfield in 1981. Former head of art now works full time at his workshop in Lichfield. The potters wheel is central to Andrew’s method of making, producing a range of functional ware and unique individual thrown pieces. Many of which are glazed with recipes based upon traditional recipes used in the orient and reduction firing techniques. Andrew enjoys making teapots as they are both individual yet functional and demonstrate a variety of techniques in their production. Landscape has always been an interest to Andrew and often this has been a theme included in some of his ceramics and has allowed him to explore ideas that are not just based upon thrown techniques, venturing into hand building, slab forms and sculptural forms, and more recently relief panels.

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