Dennis in studio

I have many years experience as a university lecturer and artist. I have always maintained my professional practice exhibiting in one man and group shows internationally. Most critics and lovers of my work know me as a colourist, my painting explore intense colour by juxtaposing complementary, texture and form.

During the many years I have been painting inspiration for my works has often come from unexpected and unexplained directions. Thoughts and memories often triggered by a single colour, or once explored female curve can dance around a painting with as much clarity as working directly from primary material.

I have never been locked into  a single style or regimented self-imposed rules my work is always evolving I have no idea what my painting will look like in a year from now.

I have often over many years returned to the comfort of working from objects I have collected on my world travels. I enjoy setting up still life groups, playing with form, colour, texture, etc, until the arrangement of the group forms a clear idea in my mind as to the direction I think the work may progress.

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